ENVoY Trainer Online Program (ETOP) Trainer Agreement Form

  • Note: The trainer will need to have an account to take the course. If you don’t have one yet, you can register here.

Trainer Information

Trainer Name(Required)
Trainer Address(Required)


School System/District Contact

Name of School District/System(Required)
Name of Authorized School Contact Person(Required)


ENVoY Trainers Program Agreement

• Completed Program Application/Agreement from their school system (school/district) endorsing them.
• Complete and pass Lessons 1-8 quizzes at 80% in under 3 tries.
• Pledge to require everyone they train/coach to purchase their own book after one contact.
• Yearly report of activities: how many training sessions are held and a copy of their evaluations with tabulation of results.
• Agreement to represent ENVoY is annually renewed.
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