ENVoY Trainers Online Program (ETOP) – School System Agreement Form

This online form constitutes an Agreement between [School System] and Michael Grinder & Associates regarding MGA’s provision of training to the School System’s designated ETOP Trainers and the ETOP Trainers’ provision of ENVoY training services to School System employees. This Agreement includes and incorporates herein all of the Terms of the ETOP Trainer Agreement (link below) for the designated ETOP Trainer(s).

  • Note: The trainer(s) will need to have an account to take the course. If they don’t have one yet, have them register here.

School System (School/District) Information

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[Authorized signer] has authority to execute this contract on behalf of [School System] and has authorization to do so.

School Contact

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Trainer Information

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ENVoY Trainers Program Agreement

• Completed Program Application/Agreement from each trainer that you are endorsing.
• Trainer must complete and pass Lessons 1-8 quizzes at 80% in under 3 tries.
• Pledge to require everyone they train/coach to purchase their own book after one contact.
• Yearly report of activities: how many training sessions are held and a copy of their evaluations with tabulation of results.
• Agreement to represent ENVoY is annually renewed.
• By submitting this authorization, [School System] is agreeing to the Terms of the ETOP Trainer Agreement for the ETOP Trainers designated by [School System] and listed above. • [School System] shall ensure all Attendees of the Authorized Services purchase new copies of the Licensed Works, or School System shall purchase new copies of the Licensed Works for each Attendee, from MGA or an authorized distributor of MGA works. • [School System] represents and warrants that: – [Trainer(s)] is a current School System employee and meets all School System requirements for employment in the Trainer’s intended and actual roles, including but not limited to background checks; – School System maintains insurance coverage, or is self-insured, in commercially reasonable amounts to cover Trainer’s provision of the Authorized Services on behalf of the School System pursuant to the ETOP Trainer Agreement.
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